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Data Loading Into HFM by FDMEE

Set up the source and target systems. As previously, one can load data into HFM, using direct data load load. or even smartview can be used. Unlike with load rule, in FDMEE the Data and Metadata is loaded into staging table and followed by target application. One has to register the source...

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HFM Calculating RoA

Definition Return on assets (ROA) is a financial ratio that shows the percentage of profit that a company earns in relation to its overall resources (total assets). Return on assets is a key profitability ratio which measures the amount of profit made by a company per dollar of its assets....

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HFM Smartview DataForm

Working with Forms in Excel Forms are grid displays in which you can enter data into the database from Excel and view and analyze data or related text. Certain dimension member values are fixed, giving you a specific view into the data. In forms opened in Smart View: You can modify...

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About Free-Form Mode In ad hoc analysis, if you are familiar with the dimensions and members of your database, you can use free-form mode by typing dimension and member names directly into cells. You can still use the POV, member selection, and other ad hoc operations in free-form grids....

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