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BISP Tableau Consulting Solution



Our consulting practice accelerates your data analysis and business intelligence. We empower even non-technical users to effortlessly play with multiple data streams without any external IT support. Below are the offerings:

  • Management Reporting

    Management reporting is a source of business intelligence that helps business leaders make more accurate, data-driven decisions. We have Expertise inbuilding Management Dashboards for CFO, CEO and Top level managers using Different Domain.  

  • Advanced Analytics with Tableau Integration

    BISP help you out to predict the Future Performance based on Past Data Trend. BISP Advanced analytics Services includes Predictive analysis, regression using Python and R Integration.

  • Data Discovery and Planning

    Determine a clear strategy and roadmap for how to fully utilize Tableau with a thorough plan that defines the mission and vision, aligns your team on needs and outcomes, and prioritizes a work schedule.

  • Free End user training on how to use and update reports.

    We provide End User Training & Support so your Employee can use New Technology Correctly and Efficiently. Post Implementation, we offer free Training to monitor and Provide Support for your System and tackle all the technical and functional issue that's headed your way.

  • Data Transformation using Tableau Prep Software.

    BISP helps you Transforming your Data Faster and More Intuitively Ever then before. Tableau Prep, a new way to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis.  

  • Ad-hoc Analysis

    BISP’s Great Experience in Business Intelligence & Data visualization ensures Ad-hoc analysis of voluminous data in a faster and flexible way.

  • Automated Visualizations / Parameterized Reports | Detailed Reports

    Use Tableau Parameters to Dynamically swap field in Single Chart. Using parameters to select the measure and dimensions in a view can greatly reduce the number of sheets in your dashboards and gives your End users more autonomy by letting them choose what results are displayed. This is How we in BISP can help you out to prepare to parameterize reports in Tableau.

BISP’ Tableau Consulting Solution Provides:

  • Insight into your operations: Find the hidden Opportunities in your data
  • Interactive visual analysis: Click through dashboards allow you data drill down in an easy to understand manner
  • Sophisticated dashboards: Drag and drop information to build visually stunning representations of data
  • Ad hoc analysis: Tableau’s Data Engine allows you to analyze millions of rows of data in seconds
  • Faster decision making: Since data is visually represented through VizQL you get feedback as you analyze
  • Comprehensive data: Combine multiple sources of data into one view
  • Ability to easily share information: Export vivid presentations to other applications
  • Real-time answers to questions: Changes to data are reflected immediately

Sample Dashboards/POC’s

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We are focused on Enterprise performance management, business intelligence, CRM services; application development, Data Migration and support. From managed services and consulting to 24x7 operational support, BISP Solutions has become preferred partner in clients list. BISP's clients include Fortune 100 to mid-sized companies that rely on robust support services that build their revenue-generating data infrastructure.

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