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Oracle EPBCS Solution

Oracle, EPBCS

As per Oracle, EPBCS ‘planning made easy’, remain focus running your business, and leave your all worries to Oracle EPBCS, it understands the best way to streamline planning processes. With Oracle EPBCS solutions you can easily automate your financial processes, and ensure financial data integrity by using FDMEE. Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service are capable enough to handle corporate and operational finance across all departments of an enterprise (e.g. sales, marketing, HR, IT, and the lines of business, etc.).

Traditional spreadsheet-based financial processes are highly error-prone, manual and not scalable enough to map highly dynamic environment. With EPBCS four modules (finance, workforce, CapEx and Project planning) organizations corporate and operational planning process can be automated, centralized budgeting systems, easily and accurately forecasted, analyzed, and finally prepared consolidated financial reporting. The result is greater visibility into your various business drivers and the highly accurate actionable information is available for decisions making.

 Workforce Planning: Oracle’s EPBCS Workforce Planning Module is designed keeping enterprises’ needs with standard and out-of-the-box solution. Workforce allows your company to track personnel related expenses at the employee level, job level, entity level and some custom levels. Workforce allows the most granular level of personal expense tracking including employee level, job level, entity level and some custom levels. Various reports and dashboards are preconfigured related to base salary, bonuses, merit raises, taxes, allowances and any number of compensation types that your company offers. To know more about workforce planning, please see our series of videos related to EPBCS workforce Planning implementation.

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